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Argon and Nitrogen Gas Management Systems Provide Lot Traceability and Reduce Consumption

August 17, 2016 at 10:06 AM

Gas Management Systems

To meet demand of manufacturers who utilize glove boxes and other hermetic enclosures, Inert announces it has engineered a customizable line of argon and nitrogen gas management systems. These innovative bolt-on systems are designed to cut down consumption of these inert gases by recirculating and measuring them as opposed to routine purging which is typical in hermetic enclosures. An integrated PLC control and monitoring system logs all data, provides alarms as needed, and thereby creates safer working environments while providing necessary data for quality assurance documentation and lot traceability.

“When contemporary enclosure applications require a nitrogen- or argon-rich environment, and a working specification of less than one part per million (ppm) of oxygen and water, our gas management systems don’t stop at just purifying the atmosphere,” says Daniel Clay, President of Inert. “For starters, we’ve engineered our systems to also recycle these expensive gases.”

Designed as modular units that easily integrate with any hermetic enclosure in the world, the Inert gas management systems fit enclosures from 6m3 to 50m3. According to Clay, when integrated with a hermetically sealed enclosure, these systems are able to reclaim approximately 98% of your supplied argon or nitrogen. In addition to this operational cost savings, these Inert systems feature safety measures, such as air purges and lock-out functions, to protect users from asphyxiation due to nitrogen or argon exposure.

“Throughout our 30 years of manufacturing gas management systems, our products have had to evolve with the market,” adds Clay. “This latest evolution in Inert products is a direct response to the arduous requirements of laser welding, battery production, additive manufacturing, and OLED fabrication, to name just a few. To be practical to this variety of industries, we made sure our systems are fully customizable with different control packages, sensors, etc. There’s no one-system-fits-all mentality here.”

Inert’s complete line of glove boxes, enclosures, and gas management systems are tailored for easy integration with existing equipment, and customizable for unique manufacturing and research applications. For more information, please call Inert at 978.462.4415.