Argon Management Systems Featured at RAPID 2016

April 22, 2016 at 6:25 AM


Amesbury, MA – Inert, the global leader in engineering and manufacturing of hermetic enclosures and gas management systems, has developed a new line of Argon Management Systems to display at RAPID 3D printing event, May 16-18 in Orlando, FL. For additive manufacturers, these gas systems automate control over atmospheric conditions, eliminating catastrophic events while purifying and recirculating argon─potentially reducing consumption by up to 60 percent, according to Inert President Daniel Clay.

“With argon costs predicted to rise due to increased usage across many industries, the Inert design team engineered these Argon Management Systems to reduce overall consumption,” he said. “That savings, combined with the ability to create a safer, more-predictable working environment, makes these systems valuable and essential.”

Inert’s Argon-1, Argon-2, Argon-10, and Argon-20 Gas Management Systems achieve working environments of 2 and H2O purity levels. Additive manufacturers attending the RAPID trade show in Orlando will see two of these argon systems in booth #559 and learn about Inert’s ability to customize application-specific systems. Features include automated purifier column-valves, a PLC control system by Siemens, color touch screen, trending screen to track O2 and H2O values, and integrated oxygen and moisture analyzers. Inert’s Eco-mode features allow for timed shutoff of the vacuum pump and automated blower speed control, adjusted for real-time O2 levels.

Inert’s complete line of enclosures and gas management systems are tailored for easy integration with existing equipment, and customizable for unique manufacturing and research applications..