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Inert Partners with Siemens for Optimal Automation of Gas Management System Controls

November 04, 2016 at 5:02 PM

Inert Siemens

Inert has partnered with Siemens to offer highly customizable controls on its lines of argon and nitrogen gas management systems. From Siemens' Totally Automated Integration (TIA) portfolio, Inert selected the SIMATIC S7-1200 programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and SIMATIC human-machine interface (HMI) color panels to enable optimal automation in all imaginable customer applications.

Integrated within an Inert gas management system, the Siemens PLCs offer high-reliability regulation of a multitude of critical application processes, such as turning blowers on and off to create the desired inert atmosphere of less than one part per million of oxygen or moisture. This level of automation removes chances of human error that can adversely affect hermetic enclosure applications. With the common engineering framework of the TIA platform, multiple gas management systems can now be managed using a single interface, and color HMI panels can be tailored to specific languages and protocols. From.

For more information about Inert’s partnership with Siemens, see this Siemens case study.

Inert's complete line of gloveboxes, enclosures, and gas management systems are tailored for easy integration with existing equipment, and customizable for unique manufacturing and research applications. For more information, please call Inert at 978.462.4415.