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Inert’s New Oxygen Sensor Safe to Use in Glove Boxes with Volatile Solvents

July 07, 2016 at 3:59 PM

electrochemical oxygen sensor

Inert is now offering a fast and economic electrochemical oxygen sensor to accurately measure enclosure oxygen levels from zero to 1,000 parts per million (ppm). The Inert EOS-2 sensor provides ultimate safety when used in the presence of solvents or volatile metal organics, common in glove box applications.

"The use of solvents and other potentially volatile materials within glove box applications requires that the electrochemical sensor also inside will not adversely react with materials," said Daniel Clay, President of Inert. "The potential negative reaction without the proper sensor could be disastrous. Thereby, Inert’s EOS-2 Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor provides the assurance of safety for these processes, while quickly and precisely measuring oxygen levels."

Inert's EOS-2 Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor has a rugged housing with KF-40 Process Connection. It is sensitive down to 0.1 ppm, with an approximate response time of 10 seconds. Its signal can be factory configured for 0-10V DC or 4-20mA, and the sensor requires power of 24V DC +/-10 %, with a maximum of 160 mA. This latest product in Inert oxygen sensor technology fits a variety of different glove box enclosures, from Inert or other manufacturers. It is available from stock for immediate delivery.

"While we engineered the EOS-2 to provide a solution when working with harsh solvents and unstable materials, we stand by our EOS-1 Zirconia Oxygen Sensor for less-volatile applications," said Clay. "The measuring sensitivity of the two sensors is equal, but much like everything else in glove box design, sensors are application-specific."

Inert's complete line of glove box and gas management systems are tailored for easy integration with existing equipment, and customizable for unique manufacturing and research applications. For more information, please call Inert at 978.462.4415.