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New Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Enables Optimal Control in Glove Boxes

July 07, 2016 at 3:50 PM

advanced zirconia oxygen sensor

Inert is now offering an advanced zirconia oxygen sensor that monitors oxygen levels from zero to 1,000 parts per million (ppm). Achieving this level of sensitivity enables optimal control over oxygen levels, which is critical in glove boxes where absolutely inert environments have to be maintained, according to Inert President Daniel Clay.

"It is essential to know the precise oxygen level in a hermetic enclosure to avoid a negative reaction during 3D printing, welding, and many other glove box applications" said Mr. Clay. "Inert's gas management systems remove oxygen and moisture from those work environments, which prevent unwanted reactions with titanium powder for example. Our cost-effective EOS-1 Zirconia Oxygen Sensors provide assurance that the environment is free of oxygen and therefore, safe."

Inert's EOS-1 Zirconia Oxygen Sensor is sensitive down to 0.1 ppm, with an approximate response time of 10 seconds. Its signal can be factory configured for 0 +/- 1 DC or 4-20 mA, and the sensor requires power of 24 DC +/-10 %, with a maximum of 160 mA. With a rugged housing and KF-40 Process Connection, the EOS-1 is built to last.

Inert reminds potential users that a zirconia sensor is not suitable for use in the presence of solvents or volatile metal-organics. In these alternate applications, the appropriate sensor is an Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor, which Inert also supplies.

Inert's complete line of enclosures and gas management systems are tailored for easy integration with existing equipment, and customizable for unique manufacturing and research applications.

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